Modem GSM Wavecom Fastrack Supreme alat untuk sms gate way,pengisian pulsa elktrik,transver data,voice dll.Dilengkapi dengan adaptor,kabel serial RS 232,kabel power dan antena. SPESIFIKASI
1. EGSM 900/1800Mhz Modem
2. Supports voice / data / fax / SMS (text and PDU modes) / GPRS class 10
3. OpenAT capable for embedded applications
4. Optional TCP/IP stack permitting direct UDP/TCP connectivity and POP3/SMTP/FTP services.
5. 3V SIM Interface
6. 15-pin sub-D connector for voice and RS-232 serial interface
7. Fully type-approved
8. 25mm shorter than M1306B predecessor
9. Serial port shutdown power saving feature
10. Two general-purpose input/output pins built into Molex power connector
11. Dimesi : 73 x 54 x 25 mm
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